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Optimizing your Energy Asset Management

Enhance the operational efficiency of your power assets by partnering with 1099 Energy. We provide a local presence that enhances your energy asset management so that you remain aware of your systems overall status and performance. Our team has successfully managed projects in California, Colorado, Mississippi, Alabama, and New York. In the case of New York, this also included the fuel management for four facilities that now belong to Calpine.

With our asset management service, our objective is improving the technical and commercial operations of existing power generation facilities. We handle this improvement with technology upgrades, contract negotiations, revising power purchase agreements. Our team will provide you with periodic reporting, updates on profit and loss responsibility, and proposals for any improvements recommended. Fees are based on scope and quantity.

Helping You Get the Right Permits for Your Energy Project

When developing energy projects you require a permit from the state of California and there is a special process for anything over 50 megawatts. We have successfully permitted multiple projects under the California Energy Commission, including SPPE (Small Power Plant Exemption), and numerous ventures under CEQA. Additionally, our owner has worked with several regional districts in California, Colorado, and New York, as well as in Canada.

Other Development Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Before forming 1099 Energy, our owner has effectively led over 1300 megawatts in acquisitions in the last four years. All of these acquisitions have met or exceeded their initial return estimation, bringing significant gains to the company. These acquisitions were all made with an eye to additional organic revenue growth; either through repowering of the existing sites or expansions adjacent to the operating facilities.

Due Diligence

This involves looking into what our clients are buying to ensure it's worth their investment. Our consultants advise you on the best options for your particular needs and make certain you acquire the solutions that you pay for.

Infrastructure Development

Our consulting firm assists large companies, private equity firms, and financial institutions with permitting and advanced development for infrastructure projects. We have formed connections within the industry while establishing and maintaining our proven success rate.

Windmill Installation