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About Our Owner, Chris Doyle

With more than 35 years of industry experience, Chris Doyle has helped countless clients streamline their energy generation projects. He founded 1099 Energy to help smaller firms and municipalities manage their energy development projects. To learn more about 1099 Energy's owner or to discuss your energy project with us, reach out to our office.


Summary of Chris's Experience

Over the years Chris Doyle has led strategic growth of Canadian energy companies into the United States to create a 1,300 MW thermal and renewable energy portfolio, with a projected EBITA of over $150 million. He worked to further optimize this portfolio by repowering and project expansions as well as with technical improvements. During this period Chris started to establish 1099 Energy, and chose to setup the corporate office here in California.

  • All assets acquired have met or exceeded purchase expectations
  • Maintained asset management and operational responsibility for 1,200 MW of capacity
  • Negotiated tax and lease structures saving the portfolio $500k/year in operating expenses
  • Awarded US Patent 8,943,836 for designing an advanced combined cycle power plant
  • Successfully developed and contracted project repowering in California
  • Assisted in arranging international financing for $200 million residual fuel power plant in Curacao

Professional Experience

1099 Energy Consulting LLC, Carlsbad, California


Managing Director

Chris Doyle founded our firm to provide asset management and development services for generation and energy infrastructure projects. He chose to focus on supporting private equity investors, smaller firms and municipal entities that are not currently in need of full-time project managment personnel.

AltaGas Services (U.S.) Inc., Carlsbad, California

7/11 - 4/16

Division Vice President Business Operations - Power

Chris Doyle led business operations, development, and M&A for the company's Power Division. He focused on assets that could be financially optimized through commercial and technical upgrades, as well as through post-PPA merchant plays in the market, including high-value site repowering and expansions. He also led development teams on a variety of gas-fired projects throughout Canada and the US. These projects included greenfield expansions adjacent to existing facilities as well as the repowering of retiring units. This gave him extensive experience in dealing with state agencies such as the CAISO and the California Energy Commission.

General Electric, Schenectady, New York

4/10 - 7/11

Senior Manager - Advance Technology Marketing

Chris Doyle was recruited by a former supplier to provide market guidance for their next generation of H-Class combustion turbines and plant configurations, as well as augmentation of existing product lines in response to increased flexibility requirements in the market. Results from his guidance yielded increased product competitiveness and specific contract awards based on recommended improvements to operating profile advances. He also performed rapid response product development across the 50 and 60 Hz heavy-duty combustion turbine product lines, worldwide.

NRG Energy, Carlsbad, California

5/06 - 2/10

Regional Development Engineering Manager

While working here, our founder was tasked with the redevelopment/repowering of existing assets with a focus on meeting EPA 316b, once-through cooling requirements. Within six months of beginning work, he developed a repowering project concept for a retired facility and secured a 10-year tolling agreement. This project reached commercial operation on August 1, 2007, and doubled the EBITDA for the region. Within fifteen months led the engineering and commercial development for the use of Siemens Flex-Plant 10, 525 MW rapid response combined cycle project, which was contracted by SCE.

Mid-American Energy, Salt Lake City, UT

3/05 - 5/06

Senior Business (Internal) Consultant

Within six months of beginning work here, Chris Doyle developed two geothermal project expansions, one of which was approved by the PacifiCorp Board of Directors and was finalized by the end of 2007. The second was postponed due to internal budget constraints. He also Developed plans for the repowering of three 1950's vintage coal plants that were converted to gas in the late eighties. He was promoted to lead the commercial and technical execution of the above projects to ensure timely completion. This was particularly vital due to the geothermal project's ability to obtain millions of dollars in Production Tax Credits under the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

InterGen, Burlington, MA

4/02 - 10/04

Asset Manager

Our owner worked with senior management in the development of long-term strategies, including portfolio optimization and resource allocation. He was given P&L responsibility for the construction of a 1,000 MW combined cycle facility in the US. He was also given Operational P&L responsibility for two LM6000 Peaker sites (totaling five units) in Southern California. During this project he was more than doubled the project's long-term IRR before the assets were sold to Diamond Generating.

Additional Experience

ASEA Brown Boveri, PGI, North Brunswick, New Jersey - Contract Administrator

Nations Energy Corporation, Winter Park, Florida - Director, Asset Management and Project Development

Nations Energy Corporation, Winter Park, Florida - Director, Asset Management and Project Development

Mirant Corporation, Suffern, NY - Director

CRSS Capital, Inc., Houston, TX - Project Manager, Project Development and Finance

Long Island Lighting Company (National Grid), Woodbury, NY - Project Development Engineer


Rivier College

  • Master of Business Administration

United States Merchant Marine Academy

  • Bachelor of Science, Marine Engineering